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They are also often-times needed when you use reserved words as well.My advice is to avoid the need altogether, by using proper naming conventions.

Splitting the database does not prevent you from using bound forms!

But if the backend is on the same LAN, then no problem. I actually have come quite a bit further along on this DB.

copying code or regurgitating by rote is inferior to actually understanding whats going on. Something you could spend the next 10 years perfecting.

So here I am yr .5, and thanks to you guys, I am cutting my teeth.

Splitting a DB app in a front end and back end doesn't implicate the need to use unbound forms.

The distribution - front end and back end located in different machines on a network - usually will mean a lot more care, to minimize network traffic and thus improve app performance, which means that unbounded forms may be better in some circumstances.

I tried to make the table, then use a bound form, but I had issues making some other SQL in the program work. But I would agree with Mark's recommendation of using a bound form, which would eliminate the need for the SQL altogether.

I was under the impression that the brackets were used to denote text vs numbers as input! I intend to split this database as to have multiple users in at once.

So, I used forums and tutorials, and I have a bit of code...

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