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For further information please see below: France is a diverse country, this is due to its large geographic area and regional differences as well as being a consequence of immigration resulting from France’s colonial past.

Despite this, attitudes to foreigners vary but in general, the French are not very tolerant of foreigners.

Treating people unfairly at work because of their cultural difference may be unlawful under equal opportunity laws.

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While France continues to be proud of its rich history and independence, French leaders are increasingly seeking to tie the future of France to the continued development of the European Union.

France has a surface area of over 550,000 km), including overseas territories.

This makes it the largest country in Western Europe.

Due to its overseas departments and territories scattered worldwide, France possesses one of the largest Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) in the world, covering over 11,035,000 km).

One aspect of French culture that has a major influence on business in France is the country’s attention to rules and regulations.

The French have a low tolerance for uncertainty and ambiguity, which, for those wishing to conduct business there , is significant in that they are reluctant to take risks.On the one hand, partly due to its excellent communications network, it is a crossroads at the heart of the European Union.It is linked to the east by the vast industrial and urban area stretching from the mouth of the Rhine, which forms the border with Germany, and to the plains of the Po River in the north-west.If you religious dress covers your face, you can be asked to show your face for reasonable identification purposes.Employers can: Workers and employers should also consider cultural differences as possible reasons for problems or misunderstandings in the workplace.French is the national language of France and is highly regarded as a symbol of the culture.

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