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Prior to this there was no systematic publication of these Rules, Orders and Regulations.

post 2006 SIs) and not available on the website should be emailed to: [email protected]

Local Scottish Statutory Instruments are lodged with The National Archives of Scotland (email: [email protected] – phone: 44(0)1 (Legal Search Room)). Orders in Council) are held in ‘revised’ form: Revised versions of some secondary legislation (e.g Statutory Instruments) is also held on uk.

For further details of how complete our data set is for each type, click on a legislation type from the Browse Legislation page and see the colour coded bar for each year. The aim is to publish legislation on uk simultaneously with, or at least within 24 hours, of its publication in printed form.

Any document which is especially complex in terms of its size or its typography may take longer to prepare and so a PDF version will be published first.

Photocopies of UK and Welsh local non-print Statutory Instruments from 1922 to 2006 can be ordered from The National Archives by using the online contact form stating that you would like a copy of a local statutory instrument held in repository reference TS37 citing the SI Year, Number and Title wherever possible.

Requests for local non-print Statutory Instruments not yet deposited in the repository (i.e.Prior to the Statutory Instruments Act 1946 (c.36), secondary legislation was known as Statutory Rules and Orders (SROs).From 1894 until 31 December 1947 SROs were a numbered annual series. The publication of annual volumes of SROs began in 1890.For further details please see the Before You Visit pages on The National Archives website where you can also find details about Ordering Documents in Advance.A list of major collections of local legislation in the United Kingdom can be found on the website at (scroll down to the page to Section 6). This area of the website also provides access to the Chronological Table of Local Acts and the Chronological Tables of the Private and Personal Acts.Please see the guidance Looking for Records of Parliament available on The National Archives website as well as Privy Council since 1386 which includes information about how to locate local statutory instruments (also see information on local statutory instruments further down this section).


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