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So Dylan was both mothered and spoilt, cuddled and cocooned, as a family friend had observed: “It was pretty obvious that Dylan had been brought up very, very, very annwyl, as they say in Wales..was brought up very dearly and closely, you might say. Some of them were very important in his upbringing, so much so that a girlfriend once observed that he "had a thing about aunts." She could remember nothing more about it, except that he used to say "Uncle Dylan is coming to bed with his auntie Babs."Dylan’s paternal aunts had died long before he was born.

Sheltered in many ways.” His friend from childhood, Vera Phillips, put it more bluntly. His maternal aunts included not just Florence’s four sisters but, in the Welsh way of things, some of her first cousins as well.

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It was the land of his aunties, a rich concentration of relatives, family history and memories rooted not just in Llangain and Llansteffan but also in the parishes of Llanybri and Llangynog.

His father's family had settled in Johnstown at the top end of the peninsula.

would have been all the more important to Dylan because it was a background that he shared with good friends such as Glyn Jones, Vernon Watkins and Vera Phillips.

The history of the friendship between Dylan and Vera, so dramatically portrayed in the film No matter what Caitlin, or Dylan, thought of them, his four maternal aunts were an interesting group of women.

She never married, and was another responsible for a good deal of the spoiling of Dylan, both in Swansea and at her cottage, Blaencwm, outside Llangain.

The most striking characteristic of these aunts is their age: the oldest, Annie Fernhill, was in her sixties, and the youngest, Theodosia, in her fifties, when Dylan, a schoolboy, went to stay with them.

Even his first cousins would have seemed “old”, for they were already in their twenties and thirties when he was a boy, whilst his parents were in their forties.


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