This is because there is no set amount of time everyday that tells parents their children is an Internet addict.However, the warning signs mentioned above should give you an idea as to whether or not your child is one of them.

These include: Both the physical and emotional effects bring negativity into a person’s life. As a parent, you are responsible for your son or daughter, which is why the time to act is now.

Internet addiction is quite common in teenagers, but this does not mean that you should just let your child be.

The two mentioned countries conducted their studies because there have been deaths related to the Internet.

In South Korea, there were 10 deaths involving heart problems and other health issues because of excessive Internet use.

The test has been found to be quite beneficial because it does measure the important cause and effect relationship in online use.

If you believe that your child is addicted to the Internet, you should look for the following signs: Truly, the signs and symptoms of being an Internet addict differ from one person to another.

Due to the popularity of the Internet, many other terms were born including Compulsive Internet Use (CIU), Internet Overuse, and Pathological Computer Use among others.

In general, this disorder describes the excessive use of computers and the Internet, which results in a person not being able to do his or her daily tasks.

With the Internet, students only have to search for the topic using a keyword or key phrase and all the answers are right there.

However, the benefits come with a price especially with young people who are easily hooked on Internet usage.

If it absorbs your child’s time and he or she keeps repeating the same behavior with the Internet despite the obvious negative consequences, it is time for you to step in.

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