Amateur cam

If it’s style and portability you’re after, Sony’s Cyber-shot range is a good place to look, as many models are either slim, colourful, packed full of technology, or all of the above, while the Canon IXUS range always tends to fare well, too.

Something which has slowly grown over the years in the size of a cameras’ LCD screens; 2.7in is standard for budget models, though 3in screens are now appearing at this price point.

These may not improve your picture taking as such, but they do provide a better view of the scene and your captured images.

Cam Burke (born April 30, 1987) is a Canadian amateur golfer.

Burke will play on the Tour in 2014 after earning his tour card through qualifying school.

This is a capable range for everyday photography, although some cameras push the boundaries a little further to offer particularly wide or long focal lengths.

A camera with a lens starting at around 28mm will be perfectly suited to group shots and landscapes, while one which stretches to 140mm or 150mm is ideal for capturing far away details.We’re also starting to see some advanced compact cameras which offer a large sensor (one-inch and above), full manual control, raw format shooting and a wide aperture lens.Take a look at the Canon G9X, or Sony RX100 Mark IV for two great examples of this kind of camera.As a rule, anything with an optical zoom over 8x is better than average, and so is worth a closer look.The last few years have seen fierce competition among manufacturers to bring high-end features down to a lower price point.A better solution is to invest in a set of rechargeable batteries and a charger – while this will be initially more expensive, such batteries offer the best performance and can be used time and time again.


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