manufactring expiration dating policy - Arab guys dating

When I came there we had a really good time, he tried his best, met me in airport, went early from work every day to spend more time with me, took me to restaurants and beautiful places.

But he couldn't stop talking how much he liked me, how I was the best girl he ever met, how we were made for each other, how he wants to give us a try, he told me how he wanted me to come to live with him for few months and blah blah blah.

I think that it can prevent a lot of women from getting into trouble.

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So I want to tell everyone: Be careful and never believe what they say, look what they do.

Also want to thank everyone on this forum who shares their stories.

I'm really glad that he left me alone, because this guy gained my trust so easily and found a way to my heart so fast, that it seems to me that he could get away with everything.

I wouldn't say he is good or bad person, he haven't done anything bad to me actually. But I'm absolutely sure that I will never let an algerian or any arab guy around me again, this guys are easy with lies and fake promises and really hard to figure out.

He made me feel that I'm special to him, that he cares. But the situation of this guy wasn't very good, he was married for a green card and he was paying money to that girl and, as he told me, she wanted more and more money from him.

He stared me in the eyes with a look fool of tenderness and love. He was working 12 hours a day to pay her and to pay for his college, he was getting american education because his diploma didn't worth anything there. We talked how we will be together, he said that he will rent an apartment by himself (he rented apartment with friends at that time) and I can move in with him and he will help me while I will try to find job for work visa. When I came back I felt that I want to be with this guy so much, I even started to look for work and internships near his city.

So,how come he's mistaken choosing&deciding to stay at very expensive 5 stars hotels that have full information on website? Then he said he'll come again to Bali with his family. He finally changed my opinion that not all Arab are jerk. But still I stick with my pride as woman&a professional one to not take any personal emotion&be fooled by the guest. I had no idea if it's because of me, because of the impression of Bali as the Island of Gods or he just pretend to look missing me. And..bad thing happen after he returned to his country. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate.


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