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And while it adds humor for sure, they’ve had to adapt to me and back out a lot to fit us in the same shots.

So, when did you discover that you were a Type 1 diabetic?

And lately, my brother is starting to have feelings for her.

Then, starting in 2009, several minor roles came through: “Cougar Town,” “The Middle,” and “90210.” And just last year, the big break he was hoping for – one of the leading roles on the hit ABC Family television series, “It’s so much fun,” says Theler. My father was a firefighter his whole life (he’s retired now) and my mother worked in insurance. They’re living in Black Forest now, just east of the Springs. And they’re the real reason I decided to come out to LA. So, I started saving up money with the intention of moving. But I’m happy to say, I finished school, got my degree in sports medicine and nutrition, and headed out west.

“It’s a great family comedy, grounded in real life. And I think it comes through in the television set that we all really love each other. And I love going back as often as I can to see them. How did those early experiences on “The Middle,” “Cougar Town,” and “90210” prepare you to become a series regular? I wanted to learn as much as I could, as fast as I could because it’s a tough town when you’re broke and not getting that many opportunities. Those types of experiences you mentioned were great because they showed me how and what it took to succeed in the business.

But he’s got a heart of gold and is a real lovable character to play.

What have you learned about babies and parenthood from the show?

Danny almost became a baby daddy in the last episode. I go to a lot of casting calls and have to duck into doorways occasionally.

It’s kind of a turn off and a bit upsetting because they can’t fit me on screen with a lot of their actors.

So, we don’t really get the full taste of what it’s like to be a parent when we’re working because there’s always someone there taking care of them when they’re not behaving just right.

For me, it’s been interesting working with them and watching them grow because they get really familiar and attached to you.

With some experience modeling at the Donna Baldwin Agency back in Colorado, he found early success doing commercials for Nike, Arby’s, Verizon, and Early on, my plan was to go to medical school right after Colorado State.

All the while, he worked with acting coaches, performed a lot of background work on TV shows and movies to become familiar with set routines, and took meetings around town to try and find representation. But midway through college I started to develop these strong aspirations of becoming an actor and really began to take it seriously.

And on the flipside, it’s kind of sad because we’ve had to change babies every season so far.


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