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Drake did not elaborate why he and Nicki were not speaking at the time of the song's inception, but he said that he felt like he needed to get it off his chest at that time.The two are back on speaking terms, yet he says that he doesn't know how Nicki feels about his decision to keep the lyrics in the song after their reconciliation."I haven't talked to her since it's been out," said Drake.A little bubble over Drake’s head said, “How about now? ) Maybe these two crazy kids will make it work one day — when Nicki stops worrying about her ego.

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"I think what works with Drake is if you act like you don't like him," Nicki said, jokingly adding, "Be horrible to him and then you'll get [his attention]." "I'm kidding. He likes fat asses but I think he [also] likes a girl who can hold a conversation." And can we expect a Drake feature on her upcoming album minaj-pink-print-jayz-blueprint/" target="_blank"?

"I'm a massive fan of him too, and I think that we'll definitely have [a collaboration] on there.

In turn, Drake often makes flirty references to the "Your Love" rapper in his songs.

In "Only", he raps that he would have been with her if she didn't have a boyfriend, and in "Moment for Life" he rapped about the two of them getting married.

But one line on Drake's song, "Tuscan Leather," implies that something might have happened between the two artists.

It goes: "Not even talkin' to Nicki, communication is breakin, I dropped the ball on some personal [expletive], I need to embrace it."In an interview with MTV News, Drake explained what he meant in the song."That line in 'Tuscan Leather' isn't exactly where I am in my life right now but like a year ago …It’s a shame because as Hollywood previously reported, Drake used social media to send a sexy message to Nicki.After Nicki’s new song “Only” revealed that she and former flame Drake have never hooked up, he posted a fan-made cartoon, which showed Nicki singing into a microphone, while giving him a sexy lap dance. You know he wants it bad and she knows she ain't going to give him any.But regardless the pictures are hot," one fan said.During an interview with , Nicki gave a couple of tips on snagging Drake, and pretty much admitted that she would never seriously date another artist.


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