Are taylor lautner and sara hicks dating

Read Full Story Taylor Lautner plays a sexy bare-chested werewolf in the Twilight movie series.We've all seen Lautner, along with co-stars Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson, promoting the Twilight franchise on red carpets and late night TV shows. It looks like Twilight's Taylor Lautner has definitely recovered from his all-too-brief relationship with Disney star Selena Gomez.And that was totally the case with Lily.' Despite starring in one of the biggest teen franchises of all time, Taylor’s career seems to have taken a hit recently so it is understandable that he would return to someone who knew him before he found fame.

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Selena Gomez did date a couple of other guys before Justin Bieber. They reportedly met while filming their respective movies in Vancouver.

She was also seen shopping with his little sister before they broke up in 2009.

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Neither Swift nor Lautner ever confirmed the nature of their relationship.

Life & Style Magazine is now reporting that Taylor...

Do YOU think they are back together, Hollywood Lifers?

, Taylor admitted it can be “quite easy to rekindle” a relationship, if it was serious. Taylor, 20, met Sara in high school, and over the past few years, the two have been spotted together quite often.

He was spotted driving near the Staples center after watching a basketball game.

His ex-girlfriend Sara Hicks is a cheerleader for the team so it seems likely he was there to support her and then gave her a ride home.

Lautner's personal life, especially his love life has been under scrutiny by both fans and paparazzi, ever since he became Jacob Black in the vampire movie.

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