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After all they’ve been through, she» view The movies may have made hangovers more popular, but they are still quite uncomfortable.

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In addition, Bitoni was the Penthouse Pet of the Month in the November, 2008.

She got her second breast augmentation surgery in October 2007 taking her from D to DD.

As a time-traveling sex hunter, she scans the time continuum for able-bodied men to satisfy her intense sexual cravings.

Click» view When raven haired Goddess Audrey Bitoni was putting together an outfit for this shoot for her official site, she had no idea just how hot it would be.

She was born on August 16, 1986 in Anaheim, Los Angeles, California. She's of mixed German, Spanish, and Italian descent. Audrey attended Arizona State University, where she graduated with a B. After earning her BA degree in Communications she was a cocktail waitress.

In 2004, Audrey responded to a Playboy call for a college newsstand special edition which she eventually wound up gracing the cover of.

He goes on to brag a little about the one he's banging every time he comes down.

She just happens to be the one to take their order and Xander's dad introduces the two.

Bitoni started doing porn in 2006 when she was 20 years old.


  1. The captains of the ships appear to have counted on the wind carrying them from one land-mark to another in a given time and kept approximately 20 on their course by means of some star.

  2. En effet, pour stimuler l'imaginaire de l'homme, « le porno fonctionne très bien et plus que chez la femme ».

  3. When Jim decides to turn on a porn movie that Stifler rented, he accidentally uses superglue instead of lubricant to masturbate, permanently gluing his entire hand to his penis and boxer shorts.

  4. We are in the University Tower/College of Nursing Building on the 4th floor.

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