Auto shopping dating and marriage

When you sell a car, you should notify your county's registration office within 10 days, or you risk a 0 fine. You must have the Hawaii car title to sell a vehicle.

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Take the documents showing the change (such as marriage certificate or divorce decree) to your county registration office.

You may also need to present: If you need an official copy of your name change, order a vital record online.

When selling: When transferring a title to a family member, they are not required to pay a use tax.

Have them complete and submit a Motor Vehicle Use Tax Certification (Form G-27).

The most common reasons to delete a name are divorce and death of a vehicle owner.

In cases such as these, expect to show legal documents such as a divorce decree or death certificate to verify the change.To qualify, complete and submit a Motor Vehicle Use Tax Certification (Form G-27).For more information, call the Hawaii District Tax Office at (808) 974-6321.This page details how to update your HI title when a car transfers ownership in Hawaii, including when you buy a car, inherit a car, pay off a car loan, get a car as a gift, or when the owner's legal name changes.A title, or pink slip, is a piece of paper proving ownership of a vehicle.When you pay off your vehicle or sell it to an individual, the loan needs to be paid and the lien removed from the vehicle.

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