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Also, (b) it's not just prostitutes who are likely to be on drugs. Nearly always on drugs, nearly always abuse victims, sexual and non-sexual, either in the past (often as children), or presently, or both. She said that celebrities and very powerful people would visit, so in that situation most still had issues. Numero uno, the type of person who'd go into sex work.

Drugs -- and alcohol abuse -- have a significant presence in strip clubs. Usually somebody who is screwed up in one or more ways.

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He especially didn't want to be anyone's "savior", because that means baggage, as mentioned above. In addition, men who know the ropes can usually get anything from a handjob to a blowjob to full sex in the club.

Not all strippers/clubs do this, obviously, and it can depend on whether local laws allow touching or have these "3 feet away" rules. So your distinctions between strippers and hookers need a little work, there.

Basically, I would worry the most about prostitutes, because they're the ones who are most likely to have baggage like addiction and abuse, There's a big chance of that in the porno industry too, although that industry is also so graded and niched that you can't really generalize about it.

Someone who does foot fetish videos is not going to be the same as someone who does scat porn. The fact that she takes her clothes off for men who throw money at her would not bother me. Too dirty, too likely to be involved in drugs and bad karma. I'd have to see her first because I know some women with the sexiest voices don't always match with their looks. Like we're getting hot and heavy and she starts dirty talking and I'd be all "Is she just telling me what I want to hear? They do practice the safest sex (after all, their jobs depend on it) but coming home to sloppy seconds all the time would get old real fast. " "Pretty good, gave a few blowjobs, got gangbanged, got screwed in the ass a few times..." "Ready for some more action?

Either they're dumb, or they think they're smart -- I don't know which is worse.

People who have high opinions of their own intelligence tend to not make good conversationalists, in my experience, so I tend to avoid a khokhem wherever possible. A couple of exes did softcore fetish/alt-porn modeling (think Suicide Girls and BDSM scenes), one good friend and former flame is a professional dominatrix, and the most recent ex was breaking into semi-amateur girl/girl porn (think Abby Winters or Thursday Night Video).

Drugs -- and alcohol abuse -- have a significant presence in strip clubs. There's a lot of potential baggage/worldview issues there ... There was an NPR story about a woman who took a job as the phone operator at a high end call girl operation.

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