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Rosie started blogging about plus size fashion when she was 16 and this year has celebrated six years of showing ladies up to a size 32 how to look on trend.

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Or I'd see women who were plus size with large breasts clearly not wearing a bra because they couldn't get one or couldn't afford one.

After studying business and human resources at university she decided to do something about it, especially after researching the issue and discovering that the average British breast size was the biggest in Europe, having risen from a C to a DD cup.

XXX syndrome (also called Trisomy X or Triple X) is caused by the presence of an extra ‘X’ chromosome in every cell.

Typically, a female has two X chromosomes in every cell of their body, so the extra ‘X’ is unusual.

She said: 'All my life I could never find matching knickers and bras that fitted.

The bras I did find were poorly made, never fit me properly and out of date trend wise – always in ugly white jersey or black. 'I'd see other girls with large breasts being targeted and walking down the street.

Pediatric genetics also cares for children with genetic disorders.

Services include an evaluation to identify genetic diseases, chromosomal analysis, amniocentesis for prenatal diagnosis, molecular and DNA diagnostics, genetic counseling.

Signs and symptoms vary a lot between individuals, but can include: How is Triple X diagnosed and treated?

XXX syndrome is diagnosed prenatally, through CVS or amniocentesis, or after the child is born by a blood test.

Girls with Trisomy X are treated as any other child with a developmental or psychological concern would be treated. This describes a chromosome study that shows a mixture of normal cells and cells with an extra X chromosome.


  1. Gemma hasn't a clue that she's talking to one of the most famous men in England, and is able to let her guard down and be herself. I loved both Gemma and Jason, and I loved that the author has given larger ladies a voice.

  2. Don’t think that they are weak because they suffer with this.

  3. And he pokes and shoves and says: “What a sweet ass, rosy …” Well, here I pushed and kicked him in the balls.

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