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Her book has even more great advice, along with photographs and illustrations throughout, so you can see exactly what you should be looking for! It really depends upon what you have under those two buttons.And now, without further ado--Tonya Reiman's Q&A: I like to leave two buttons unbuttoned when I go out. Each of us is built differently and because of that some can wear things that others cannot.We do this when we're aware that we're being watched and we want to make sure we look our best, James says.

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3) last but not least, the best question to ask is "what do you think?

Help us decode "end of the night body language"--the date is over, so how can you tell if he wants to go in for a kiss? Signals he wants a kiss: First and foremost -- he repeatedly gazes at your lips.

He put his arms around your shoulder or around your waist. He gazes for a long period of time into your eyes with bedroom eyes (droopy, relaxed eyelids). He tickles you (to feel out how you feel about intimate touching).

Anything less touchy than these, prepare for a hug.

You need to have a conversation with him and gauge his nonverbal (report back to me and I will help you break down the nonverbal response). Try to stay away from foods that will stick in your teeth (like spinach), subtly fondle your stemware if it is available and somewhere in between dinner and dessert apply lip balm with your fingertips to look appetizing without appearing overly sexual.

I thought a guy was interested in me, but now I'm not so sure. You should occasionally move your hair from your face and fondle your jewelry.How can I tell if he's lost interest, or just needs a little encouragement? Here are some signs of waning attraction: shoulder hug instead of full frontal hug. How can I tell an awkward silence from a comfortable silence in a relationship?Forward leaning hug instead of lower body touching. The easiest way to tell the difference is in how you feel about the silence.Perhaps he has a problem with public displays of affection. The next time out, choose the table, it is more intimate in that there is no one directly next to you -- however, the first time out, the bar stools are less intimidating and the lack of direct face to face confrontation is less invasive. Believe it or not, spaghetti can show that you are fun and confident -- two things a man LOVES.On the downside, however, he could be telling the world that you are not a couple. Do you have any tips for how to look attractive while on a dinner date? Have manners, make sure you place a napkin on your lap and keep one in your hands.Kisses that barely brush your partner's lips send an "I'm just doing this because I have to" message.

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