Bored bad dating stories

We spent the next three hours taking turns on the toilet, which made for the least romantic date of either of our lives.

To this day, we both refuse to eat lobster bisque.” — Marisa, 30, New York City“About two years ago my husband, Andy, and I witnessed a hit-and-run on our way home from dinner.

I was howling with laughter, but people assumed I was in shock.

They probably still do, since I couldn't pull it together long enough to reassure them that I was okay, and that this debacle was just par for the course with me.” — Katherine, 37, Lancaster, PA“My husband, Steve, and I decided to try out a new authentic Chinese restaurant that was getting rave reviews.

Well, it turns out his duck was roasted in black tea.

We still have no idea what’s in the stuff that makes him react that way, but he may as well have had ten shots of tequila.

“About two years ago my husband, Andy, and I witnessed a hit-and-run on our way home from dinner.

I usually avoid any and all dangerous situations, but in this case it seemed so unjust that I yelled, 'Follow that car!

By the time our entrées came, we couldn’t take it anymore, and begged our waiter to wrap up the food.

We then proceeded to sprint down Central Park West, trying to beat the lobster bisque to the bathroom.

There, I found my husband fast asleep, snoring loudly, and still wearing his boots and hat.

I felt too sorry for him to wake him up, so I merely covered him with a blanket and took my scantily-clad self to bed—alone.” — Tsara, 38, Teague, TX“My husband, Mike, and I went to see a free summer movie in the park, complete with a picnic blanket and basket and lots to eat and drink.

I had to drive home, and on the way there he nearly passed out in the passenger seat. “ — Amy, 38, Richmond, VA“My birthday was coming up, and while I was cleaning the house one day I came across a small gift-wrapped box hidden under the bed.


  1. So if you are lucky enough to meet someone who doesn’t care about your religion from day one and you can actually establish a romantic relationship, you can move to the next phase: Ok, let’s say that you met one of those open minded Jewish men who is not into religion that much and doesn’t really care about you being a g (a female who doesn’t have Jewish roots–which is kind of derogatory term but let’s not get into that right now).

  2. Don’t forget to include the FQDN of the local domain as the first option on the list.

  3. If the relationship doesn’t work out, then the bond the children established is broken. Fathers are not only looking for a partner for themselves, she explains, but also a stepmother for their children.

  4. (This last feast is known in the Roman Catholic church as the Assumption.) The dating of "1 September" is according to the "new" (revised) Julian calendar or the "old" (standard) Julian calendar, depending on which is used by a particular Orthodox Church.

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