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The length of sentence was longer than expected for Andrew Warren, 43, who went on a crack cocaine-fuelled run from the law after police initially questioned him. But the victim, an international businesswoman with dual citizenship in Algeria and a European country who had known Warren professionally, reported the crime to officials at the U. Preparing drinks, he is thought to have slipped a drug into her drinks which left her drifting in and out of consciousness, losing muscle control and was unable to stop Warren from undressing her and forcing himself on her.

Warren initially said the sexual contact was consensual, but prosecutors said another Algerian woman had told a similar story – which he was not charged for.

But after failing to show up for a hearing, federal agents went searching for him near his home in Norfolk, Virginia, where they discovered a neighbour had filed a report that he exposed himself to her.

Prosecutors say the agents eventually found him high on crack in a motel room with a semi-automatic pistol in his shorts pocket. Warren pleaded guilty to abusive sexual contact and a gun charge, with federal sentencing guidelines recommended 27 months to 33 months behind bars.

Diga Man, an Algerian team known for making hidden camera prank videos, has produced a new one of which they are particularly proud.

One of the members put on a yarmulke and asked Algerians on the street for help in finding the Jewish cemetery.

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A former CIA spy has been sentenced to five-and-a-half years in jail for drugging and sexually abusing an Algerian woman while he was head of the agency’s operations in the North African country. District Judge Ellen Huvelle said Warren seemed to think he could get away with the crime because he had diplomatic immunity and his victim was a married Muslim who would be unlikely to report the crime for fear of becoming an outcast. The incident happened in his 30-room mansion the CIA gave him in Algiers in February 2008 after Warren invited the woman to his home.

Investigators who searched Warren's mansion, where his attorney said he was living undercover, found many drugs, including Xanax and valium, which are sometimes used as date rape drugs. Investigators also found a book on investigations of sexual assault and a computer with pornography downloaded.


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