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Sphere Crash The objective is to crash or remove grouped or connected Spheres of the same color from the game board.Basket N' Roll In this game, you are the basket, and your goal is to catch the lardest amount of balls possible. Golf Island Club [Sports Games] A Golf Tournament 18 courses, 5 Sets, Compite online for the best score, the game is fulled of any kind of obstacules, don't miss the ball in the sea! Golf Land Club [Sports Games] 18 courses fulled of any kind of obstacules, how many shots can you be under par?

3 Foot Ninja On this journey use the power of your sword wisely and swifly against deadly enemies to find 5 rare items Magic Balls A game perfect for kids.

Shoot magic color balls to complete and eliminate sets of same color balls.

Trash Smash Tons of garbage are falling to the bottom of the sea, you, the hero, have to destroy all the garbage.

Devious Behavior How much time can you evade killer and hungry sharks in the dangerous ocean to save your live?

Mahjong Eliminate the pairs, find matching pairs of images at the left, right and top ends of the lines and groups of tiles.

Poolpy Hazard Be very clever, your objective in this game is to put in the board, the largest amount of poolpy's than your opponent.

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  7. A total of 272,569 were under the age of six, constituting 141,205 males and 131,364 females.

  8. Berdasarkan fakta kes, kejadian rogol terhadap remaja berusia 14 tahun itu mula diketahui ibu mangsa selepas dimaklumkan guru kaunseling sekolah anaknya yang mendapati mangsa kelihatan muram dan tidak dapat menumpukan perhatian dalam kelas.

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