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play Rick has been set the task of selling some stock from 4 different containers in Manchester. A new day starts and your roommates are still asleep.

Maybe they had quite a night thanks to the advice you gave Paris...

until his pretty flatmate finally tells him to find a new job to pay the rent!

Will he be convincing as a private home school teacher?

He’s teaching students of a higher level, like this gifted — and daring — student who wants to apply for a top university. Also, will he accept the announcement from Delphine?

play "Emergency case": It is Ivan’s first day as a teacher.

play Due to his very adventurous sex life, Ivan lost his girlfriend and his job at the massage institute…

When this game starts, he is quite enjoying his new life in a house share, he takes time for naps and goes to the gym…

I couldn’t believe it; I was really going down on my son’s girlfriend in the master bedroom.


  1. The needy man epidemic has been rising in recent years. ’ worries that our mums and older sisters had – we’re more worried about how to ditch the needy men asking us out.

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