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Julie was exhausted but I made her take my very hard cock in her mouth and get it all wet.Her ass was already lubed, she slipped a rubber on me and I pounded her for another hour.

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Her balls were so tiny they almost felt like vagina lips and I treated them that way.

Licking, kissing and it was no problem getting this little escorts girlfriend for almost an hour, by then I thought to myself if she cums in my mouth how different could it be from any other girl.

You may be so in touch with your sexuality that you are fine with that but like many of us straight men checking out the t-girls and thinking about getting together with a shemale you might be thinking as I did, am I gay? I will discuss this latter from a physical, physiological and sexual level including what escortshave to say, most are only into straight guys!

what the psychologists and physiatrists have to say quick answer is that it is completely normal for a straight man to be aroused and to have sex with shemale t-girls / as a group identify as female period.

I must say there is no difference what so ever between a , female, t-girl whatever is always very tight and there is always quite a bit of muscle control in fact the shemales in almost all cases had better muscle control down there then most women I have done. One thing you should know is that many shemale t-girls that take hormones have very tiny cocks but not to worry there are beautiful t-girls with very large cocks and when we say they are functional it means they get and stay hard.

Back to Julie, when I was getting ready to cum she asked if I wanted to take the rubber off and cum inside her. After I had her stand with her legs spread open playing with her cock as the cum dripped out her hole. My second shemale t-girl was slim about 55" Asian girl with great tits.

I stripped off her clothing, pants first then a tiny thong. I was expecting to see something and was a little shocked. I told her I wanted to see it and spread open her legs. I asked if I could eat it like I did any pussy and would it get hard.

She said it was hard for her to cum but sometimes when she got very excited it would get hard and she could cum.

The are not men as you can tell within minutes of talking to almost any of them.


  1. After the third time I met her I knew that she was the one I was to marry.

  2. Some of the men I have seen have been dressed by older siblings or by a mother who wanted a daughter.

  3. Alex & Sierra is an American duo consisting of Alex Kinsey (born September 8, 1991) and Sierra Deaton (born February 11, 1991), who won the third and final season of The X Factor US. They were mentored by Simon Cowell and became the first and only group to win the American version of the show.

  4. There were periods of time when this was not consistently done, (between 19), and there are certainly other examples of short periods of time, and individual pieces, where the dating was simply omitted.

  5. Getting laid is completely different than finding a girlfriend. A girl who offers to pay is likely less entitled/not a gold digger, which will go a long way if you ever decide to get serious.

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