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On the dating site where I’d met D., I’d scroll through pages of men wearing button-downs with tasteful goatees and Oakleys perched atop their gelled hair. In response to the prompt “What people usually notice about me,” he had put, “Tits.” He had a backpacker scruffiness, which I liked. When we met at the bar, he hugged me as I went for his hand. ” he said, running his fingers over his flat chest. “They’re magnificent.” I joined the dating site about a year ago, a few months after I moved back to town. I liked them, but not enough, and I was growing frustrated by the come-ons that arrived in my inbox from another random dude holding a cell phone up to a bathroom mirror. ” Or: “Greetings from Tulsa.” Some days I got so sick of it that I considered handing out flyers at the Pearl Cup: “38, writer, I promise you will never be bored.” But instead, I would force myself into the awkward singles bar of that damn website, and I would banter with the men who wrote in complete sentences and showed some flair, and I would find myself driving out to Colleyville, to a bowling alley in Garland, to a Mexican restaurant in the Preston Forest Shopping Center.They were walking with God and loving the Cowboys and reading . I had met one extravagant phony in that time, but he was such a good story that I didn’t mind. I might not find love, but, hey, maybe I’d get to know Dallas better.

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Adam Meet Eve is another online Christian dating organization.

Christian Dating International competes with Equally Yoked.

Christians, she says, dont tend to frequent the typical places people meet like bars or clubs.

And even though they may be active in church, the focus there is on saving souls not hooking up singles.

To facilitate blossoming cross-country romances, Equally Yoked now sponsors Christian cruises.

CONTACTS Tom Christopher: Vice President Equally Yoked Dallas, TX Phone: (888) 743-7854 Zsavette Smith Equally Yoked Southern California 2102 Business Center Dr.

I stared at a Dallas beauty queen in a tiny black dress and stilettos.

How materialist, conventional, uncreative Dallas could be.

is the Christian arm of a larger matchmaking organization called ACFnewsource provides links to sites maintained by other organizations for informational purposes only.


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