Dad with shared custody dating Wapchat girls cam

I met Dan online and we hit it off with our mutual snobbery in all things music, locavore, and microbrew.

I loved his hipsterrific glasses and that he didn’t chide me when I used words like extemporaneous extemporaneously.

Dating a divorced dad has many unique challenges that you won’t face with childless men.

Around three months into the relationship, he introduced me to his beloved three year old son, who he has half the week.

I was honestly freaked out at the prospect of meeting his child, but reassured myself that the kid was only three, so if things went awry he still has mostly oatmeal behind the eyes and wouldn’t be irreparably scarred.

Because I was not feeling particularly excited about the part-time parenting role that I was starting to play.

Months rolled along, and surprising feelings clawed their way out of my gut that I was totally unprepared for.

Even though my future dating life may once again be filled with sub-achieving CHUDs, I learned enough to know that I’m not ready to date a single dad.

This is what people mean when they say "it's a package deal."These days, with the divorce rate hovering close to 50 percent, the likelihood of dating a man with children is pretty high.

I hate to admit that I was jealous of a three year old. After all, he’s three and I’m old enough to know better.

Sadly, Dan was in a no-win on this one because if his attention had NOT been on his baby when we were together, I would have considered him a negligent parent not worth seeing and walked on the spot.

In crazy-making thought-experiments I’d play on myself about a tragic u-pick-one-to-live death scenarios, I’d be the one thrown into the volcano or lowered alive into the plexiglass box of ants.


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