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In 1887 the company was renamed "York & Son" in recognition of JW York’s infant son, Charles E.

(SW) "By 1890 York was operating a repair plant and making a few small instruments. New models were added until 1898 when the company was making a complete line of cup mouthpiece brass instruments."(S45) In 1894 York hired workmen from Courtois and Besson (S21), so they were obviously involved in brass manufacture of some sort.

Dating a blessing saxaphone

Few of the manufacturers produced instruments during the last 2-3 years of World War II.

All of the manufacturers exhibit a dramatic growth in production immediately following World War II. They were created by taking the last number I have obtained in what seems to be an unbroken sequence of serial numbers (up to cornet 308783), and distributing them until the factory was closed in 1971, regardless of manufacturing source.

Additionally, we would be grateful to anyone who owns a York horn not listed to contact us with the name, type, cities, and serial number (etc.). When California State University, Los Angeles stopped maintaining his site, and with the data I had collected, I attempted to recreate the dating work he had done using his own pioneering work while adding additional instrument data (including saxophones), patent research, new information that has come to light, and information gleaned from Horn-u-copia. Swain had cautioned that a five year spread on either side ( -) would be most accurate when dating an instrument using his original work.

It would be nice to build our lists using horns other primarily than just those that are being sold. I am now fairly confident that the list should be accurate within a year or two.

Following the list are the facts and assumptions which were used to create it.

This guide was started using details of just a few hundred surviving York instruments.The slow decline in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s is based on similar fluctuations among other manufacturers.This includes a sizable drop during the years of the Great Depression and a steady growth in the latter half of the 1930’s.The numbering seems consistent beyond this point, so I have chosen to begin this list with the "York & Sons" marked horns. The company, with experienced personnel, is well positioned to have an established run rate as it enters the twentieth century, not only having the main office and factory in Grand Rapid, Michigan, but also a branch office in Chicago (YMJ). Goble as head of a testing department and being responsible for testing each BBb bass, Eb bass, baritone, and slide trombone .In fact, the 1898 edition of York’s Musical Journal contains references to York having built and sold Eb soprano and Bb cornets, band and orchestra horns, baritone and slide trombones, Eb and BBb bass. In 1903 the "Professional" model cornet was announced and put into production (1).Instruments made after Carl Fischer took control of York are included, but obvious conflicts in numbers are confined to their own section.


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