Dating a cancer man tips Chat rooms in mzansi with no registration

Cancer dates with the hopes that he will find a joyful, committed relationship.

If you’re dating a Cancer man, he’s already thinking long term.

But, when he’s really interested, you’ll know it as he shifts from reserved to romantic in a heartbeat.

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The Cancer man is a water sign and he has feelings that run as deep as the ocean.

He’s sensitive, intuitive and he’s got a heart of gold that’s filled with empathy for others, especially those in need.

It’s in this act that he’s hoping to stabilize any wild and crazy behavior. The Cancer man will go out of his way to make your relationship happy and content.

But if pushed too far, he’ll not only explode in volcanic proportions, he’ll then retreat back into that shell. Nothing in life lasts forever, and that includes the Cancer man’s patience.

Dating a Cancer Man The Cancer man’s ruling planet (or in this case Earthly satellite) is the Moon which changes signs approximately every two-and-a-half days, giving him a somewhat changeable personality.

His moods, though short-lived and somewhat subtle, can be a challenge to some and to others they are hardly noticeable.

That shell is his protection from people and the elements of nature that might seek to hurt his sensitive inner being.

He doesn’t trust easily, but if he sees something in you that mirrors a part of him, he will let you get closer.

He wants and needs a partner who supports the way he feels in the moment.


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