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Weighing in at only seven pounds, the Marlin 336 is no different.

Though the .30-30 Winchester and .35 Remington are not great performers at long range, they really come into their own at short to moderate range.

The Marlin 30-30 (officially known as the Marlin 336), is perhaps the second most popular lever action rifle in history, trailing only the Winchester 1894 (which was also chambered in .30-30 Winchester).

These characteristics make the Marlin 336 a great “woods gun” for hunters who need to take a fast, short-range shot on a big game animal.

It’s tough to determine with certainty which particular cartridge has killed the most deer in the United States over the years.

Realizing this, Marlin builds the rifle with a reversible hammer spur to aid with the use of a scope.

Lever action rifles are often lightweight, easy to carry, and quick-pointing.

Most American shooters know that Marlin has been around for quite a while, and that they have been making excellent leverguns for many years, but may not realize all the twists and turns in the trail that has made Marlin what it is today.

It is a trail that has been rough and rocky in places, and at times, it didn't look like Marlin would survive, but survive it did, and today's shooters should count themselves as fortunate as Marlin came back strong to make some of the most popular leverguns of all time.

However, one thing that sets the Marlin 336 apart from most other lever action rifles is the fact that it ejects from the side of the receiver instead of the top.

Over the years the Marlin 336 has been offered in a wide variety of calibers, including .219 Zipper, .32 Special, .44 Magnum, and .410 bore.

You could do a whole lot worse than a Model 1895 in .45-70 Government if you’re looking for a good rifle to use on dinosaurs.

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The Marlin 30-30 was born in 1948 when Marlin introduced the Marlin 336 rifle.

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