Dating a waitress

I can totally understand that: you don’t want to bother her and, having been a waitress myself in the past, I can confirm that it does get tiring getting the wrong kind of male attention when you’re in the service industry.

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Dating a waitress advice on gifts for teen girls and dating

later she came back to check if i need anything we talked for a while again it was nice conversation.

before i leave i asked her if she is doing anything on Sunday it was 4 days after i met her she said Christmas family thing and i was like thats cool i understand how about Saturday i get off at 4 i was like "so? but i didn't want to be such a whiner and keep on satuday i skipped Thursday, Friday , Saturday, Sunday and today is Monday i didn't text or anything...

Follow these rules and you will be all good: #1 – Talk about things other than typical “bar or restaurant stuff”.

So no hour long discussions about Jack Daniels or where Vodka comes from.

remember i asked her out 3 time she said ok on twice but i didn't text or call her after.

any suggestion what to do fast before she flakes out..

Now, one waitress is getting in on the game, sharing her insights on dating gleaned from watching countless first dates.

Lauren Romero over at Shine has a good list of dating dos and don’ts she’s picked up on the job.

I thought this particular anecdote was pretty cute: “One night, a woman walked off to the restroom and her date frantically waved me over and asked if he could quickly have two slices of cake.

As I placed them on the table, he apologized for rushing me and told me he wanted to surprise his date because it was her favorite cake and he wanted to show her he remembered that she told him about it weeks before.

When I worked as a waitress after one too many tired lines or routines I did find myself thinking, ‘Oh boy, not another one,’ then smiling politely and walking off.


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