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She gets samples, but never takes money to endorse things, she said. If I don't like it, I'm not going to show it." Her voice has a metered, lullaby quality.

She's brutally honest — if a product makes her break out or turn orange, she'll say so.

'I love this, my fav [sic] video on the internet,' wrote @lyddii, while @blissbanks said, 'I laughed the whole time make more thanks.'In between extolling the virtues of fluffy blending brushes ('I'm not talking stiff, because you can't blend nothing with something stiff') and sharp eyeliner lines ('like you're cutting carrots and you're about to eat that stuff for Thanksgiving - you got to cut it so good'), she serenades viewers with Out Kast's Ms.

• Her classmates have come to school in glamorous princess costumes that cascade and billow. Instead, she finds a paper plate and a red lipstick. She's a self-styled Internet celebrity, filming herself doing her own makeup, giving beauty tips. She's a You Tube partner, which means she gets money for hosting advertisements on her channel. "Two hundred thousand people want my advice," she said.

One girl, she remembers, is beautiful in a saffron Belle gown from Beauty and the Beast. She smooshes a crimson nose center and sketches a face around it. She edits on a Mac Book Pro and posts the instructional videos on You Tube. The money is enough to support herself and cover tuition at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota — and art school isn't cheap.

In her latest tutorial, which is done fully in Spanish, the vlogger begins by using peanut butter (which she makes sure to note is not a Mexican product) as her foundation base, followed by Maizena as her powder.

We then see her beging to work on her eyebrows with Duvalin.

We've never waltzed into our kitchens and thought to ourselves, "Maybe I should grab some Adobo and use it as eyeshadow." Clearly we've been missing out.

You Tube content creator, Beautyby Nena, has taken the beauty game to another level by utilizing Mexican foods and ingredients from her around her kitchen as makeup.

In this tutorial, the two divas revisited an early JJ look of a rhinestone in the center of the lower lash line.

Did you know that Jessie J usually does her own makeup?

"I would live in one place, and remember packing up and getting in that van," she said, her eyes trailing. You want your eyes to look like a cartoon, so it's all right to be a bit dramatic . Phan's own perceptions of beauty are diverse and changing — dark black skin with purple tones, snow white cheeks, prominent European noses. "Western beauty is considered the dominant beauty in the world," she said. I always felt a little self-conscious because I wanted to be more Caucasian.

Years before, he had fled Vietnam with Phan's mother during the war. They got evicted and moved again and again — Massachusetts, California, eventually Tampa, where they stayed for good after he left. Having all that burden, all that guilt, you need to get away." She hasn't heard from him. "If he's out there, maybe he'll be online and see me. I want to take care of him." • • • In a video with 1.5 million views, Phan transforms her almond eyes into the big, round blinkers glorified in anime art. lining your waterline with white will give you an appearance of larger-looking eyes.

Michelle grew up in her mother's beauty salon, painting flowers on clients' acrylic fingertips. He was gambling away the family's rent money, she said. At school, she'd feign interest in gossip and sneak eyeliner in her bag to change her look.

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