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Egypt recently floated its national currency, and the resulting 20 percent inflation is the highest in seven years.

The tourism industry has still not recovered since the downing of a Russian airliner over Sinai last year.

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“Egypt will only be made stronger and more united in such circumstances.” Women may have been the majority of victims because many churches divide the sanctuary by gender, with women on the right.

[Editor’s note: Women and children were approximately two-thirds of the victims.] But women may also have been the majority because the attack took place on Sunday, a working day in Egypt.

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The Muslim Brotherhood condemned the attack, but held Sisi responsible for an alleged “false flag” operation, accusing him of stoking sectarian tension and seeking to lead Egypt into a civil war.

They called on the Egyptian people to resist his “coup.” But last month, Egypt witnessed calm when a planned protest against economic conditions, supported by the Brotherhood, failed to mobilize the population.

He will cut short his visit and lead funeral prayers tomorrow in the Nasr City district of Cairo.

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