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For example, diamond jewelry is expensive, whereas cubit zirconium (CZ) jewelry is cheap.Yet, a CZ has all the qualities that attracted to humans to using diamonds for jewelry.

Only women with body image issues ask those questions.

Then they get upset when some man says, “not to me but the Night Manager at Denny’s said you were creating a fire hazard from the thigh friction”, or "are you kidding you're so skinny you could walk through a harp"—the “Why? Besides, if a man does not like what you are wearing, just take it off.

Failure to Stroke the Caveman Historically men have always protected women.

However, the days when men were men and women were grateful are gone. Most men could not physically protect a woman if they had to.

Generally, there are seven categorical reasons some women have difficulties finding and keeping boyfriends.

These reasons have evolutionary and biological roots that divide the sexes in behavioral proclivities.

However, men need to feel like their woman sees them as a big “manly man.” I am a feminist, because there can be no free men until women are free.

However, blurred gender roles are one of the prices of the feminism.

Clinginess is invasive, threatening, annoying, suspect and extremely unattractive.

You might as well tattoo “discounted merchandise” on your forehead.

Hence, men instinctually love hunting, and the male brain thrives on the neurochemical rewards of capture, i.e. Dopamine releases in anticipation of reward, not the actual reward, so the actual qualities of the woman do not matter as much as hunting her. That is why gambling is addictive and why players play around.

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