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“But we are not impressed,” Aadil Khan, a Muslim engineer based in Bangalore says.The violence in Gujarat remains deeply etched in the Muslim memory. Faizur Rahman, an independent Islamic researcher and Secretary-General of the Chennai-based Islamic Forum for the Promotion of Moderate Thought told The Diplomat, “It will be difficult for Muslims as well as secular Hindus to forget the 2002 riots or to absolve Modi of any moral responsibility.” In the circumstances, Muslims are apprehensive of a BJP victory.As a result, he was expelled from the university, then arrested when he tried to disrupt graduation ceremonies. He heavily supported the reconstruction of the Shaar Hashamaim Synagogue in Thane. He rejected the notion that Hindus and Muslims were “separate nations” as Jinnah argued. always enthusiastically urged a partnership between Jews and Muslims.

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He remembers his father’s stories of Jewish friends who believed that their elevated place in society would protect them, and he says that Indian Muslims who echo this sentiment are as naive as European Jews were. It has since become one of India’s most important pharmaceutical companies. By retro-engineering the first medication and anti-retroviral cocktail effective against HIV and AIDS and selling them at a fraction of the price, he helped saved millions of lives.

Perhaps with the murders of his own grandparents and six million other Jews in mind, Yusuf has called Big Pharma “global serial killers,” “traders in death,” and “death profiteers.” He sees the lack of access to life-saving medication by poor people in the developing world due to cost as a form of “selective genocide in healthcare” driven by Big Pharma’s desire for profits.

Yusuf, though focused on the lessons of the Holocaust, does not feel threatened personally as a Jew. 11, 1964, that patent law should enforce “compulsory licensing” to other manufacturers to prevent monopolistic predatory pricing.

He sees anti-Muslim mob violence in Bombay as particularly chilling, since to him it evokes the fear that Indian Muslims may share the same fate as European Jews. gained success as a businessman, and in 1935, he founded the Chemical, Industrial and Pharmaceutical Laboratories (CIPLA). Later, Yusuf picked up this same battle in the case of the astronomical pricing of AIDS medications by patent holders.

Once, Germans mistook him for a Jew and insulted him. Her aunt came to India in 1938 and was joined in 1946 by her non-Jewish husband Arthur Taenzler, a World War-I German flying ace. However, the Nazis murdered her elderly parents who were unable to emigrate. The papers finally came through two weeks after the Derczanskis were killed.

He foresaw something far worse than discrimination and insults, and urged his Jewish friends to leave Germany. Their son Yusuf was very moved when in 2008, during a visit to his birthplace, Vilnius, he went to the Ponary forest, where German units massacred up to 100,000 people, the great majority of them Jews.This ideology has manifested itself in an array of ways, including calls for a Uniform Civil Code, the destruction of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya in December 1992 and anti-Muslim violence as in Mumbai in 1992-93 and Gujarat in 2002.In previous elections, the BJP has campaigned on Hindutva issues close to its heart, promising voters it will construct a temple at the disputed site in Ayodhya, enact legislation to halt religious conversions and so on.Opinion polls suggest that the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will emerge as the single largest party but may fall short of a majority on its own, requiring it to secure support from other parties to form the next government.Its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi seems to have galvanized voters across class and caste. His maternal grandparents perished in the Holocaust. In 1928, they married in Berlin’s only mosque, and the following year they were again married in the Choral Synagogue in Wilno, and the marriage was “solemnised” at a register office in London. had very strong reservations and concerns about Communism.) He was a prominent member of revolutionary circles in India.


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