Dating limoges

Its physical placement, directly on the river Vienne, makes Limoges an easy, accessible stop; one that would even be called necessary in those early years when journeys were more arduous than enjoyable. Limoges built its first porcelain factory a mere six years after the initial find of the kaolin.

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What sets antique limoges porcelain apart from other ceramic forms may be considered a technicality, but a necessary one to the creators of this art form. Conversely, even if porcelain has been chipped or cracked it will not retain water. Once the artist completes his or her work using the special paints used on porcelain, the product goes through another firing process.

This long production process is what makes Limoges porcelain collectible.

Then a fine process of milling, pulverizing, heating, molding and firing begins.

Europeans consider this product porcelain only if it retains a translucent quality. Many crack or break during the process and must be discarded. The shape is there, but an artisan then has to decorate the individual object, add tiny hinges if needed, to any one of the figurines, pill boxes or other porcelain product you’ll find bearing the Limoges porcelain marks.

Treasure hunters are often trying to find a collectible that is not only beautiful, but also authentic.

Many porcelain pieces are labeled as "Limoges" or "French Limoges" are not authentic Limoges from France.

Below is a list of the most common and popular Limoges Factories and their markings.

If you cannot find what you are looking for below it is beyond the scope of Limoges Boutique to help you.

Authentic French Limoges is a porcelain item manufactured in Limoges, France made with the clay Kaolin.


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