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“Our 15-minute drive together is treasured time, and I really feel that we all start our day on the right foot,” she told Goop. Routine: In the half-hour before her kids wake up, Beckham showers, washes her face, checks emails, and has a modest fruit breakfast with green tea followed by a double espresso.

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If you haven’t nailed down your own productivity-inducing routine yet, don’t fret.

We’ve rounded up the morning routines of 10 successful women from different industries to inspire your mornings.

It’s a pool from the beginning of the last century,” the designer told .

"I love that you get your own cabin, so you don’t have to go into a locker room.” After showering in her cabin, Marant stops by a juice bar for a carrot-and-ginger concoction on her way to the office. “I have a black coffee—American style, not espresso…

She keeps her primping time down to a 15-minute affair, thanks to weekly blowouts.

Before the investor hits the office, she drops her two children off at school.

Morning time is precious time—those few brief moments before the outside world bleeds noise into your day.

Building a routine that gives you a calm, efficient, and fulfilling morning can take some serious trial and error.

First Thing: Has cuddle time with her action star boyfriend, Jason Statham.

Routine: By mid-morning, Huntington-Whiteley has already walked her miniature dachshunds, made breakfast (a “preferably paleo” meal), spritzed herself with perfume, and endured a major sweat session.

Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee, she goes for a 30-minute run or—if really pressed for time—squeezes in a 10-minute core workout at home. Routine: Kohanzo’s morning routine has been masterfully edited down to a mere 30 minutes—“just enough time to get dressed and drink as much coffee as possible,” she told Women Who Work. Routine: Every morning at a.m., Anna Wintour arrives at New York’s Midtown Tennis Club for one hour of tennis.


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