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What do you think when you see a white Western man with an Asian woman?Perhaps if I asked you this question whilst hand in hand with my Korean wife your response might be something like, ‘Nothing different to any other couple.’ I would love to believe that this is honestly true, however, my experiences since being with my wife do not reinforce this nice idea.This alone suggests that we give all except the most obviously suspicious couples the benefit of the doubt, checking our naturally suspicious and gossipy attitudes.

The subject of love is utterly lost when the eyes of others appear to show the inner-workings of their thought processes in trying to figure out just what is going on between my wife and I.

Even friends take a while in breaking the barriers of stereotypes and working out just what really brought us together.

An assumption of the behaviour and thinking of one culture cannot be accurately translated to the rest.

These factors also relate to how some people from different Asian countries view Westerners as well, the term ‘Western’ again covering a range of equally diverse cultures and countries.

So, do women in Asia generally value the size of a man’s bank account?

Yes, sure they do, but I have not met too many women from any culture that wouldn’t factor this into the appeal of a man.

When I am in England I am the sleazy Western man who can’t find a woman in my own country, so I bought an Asian, and in Korea, my wife is the dirty, easy, Korean slut who just wants sex, money or wants to learn more English.

I suspect that these assumptions are matched in other countries both Western and Asian and not just in Korea and England.

Thankfully, in my case, their puzzlement did not last too long.

It really is no mystery; our relationship most probably evolved in roughly the same way as anyone else’s.

I would not dream of saying such a thing about another man’s wife, but it seemed fair-game for many people because my wife was Asian.

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