Dating persona 3 Place to meet girls for dirty facetime

So it’s kind of weird that you, as the female protagonist, can date Ken in your social link with him.

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It fun to listen to Yukari complain about being forced to wear a bikini in battle when you talk to her, I guess, but that’s about it.

To P3P’s credit, it also offers bathing suits for the male characters to wear in battle, so you can’t accuse Atlus of being misogynist.

5) Fanservice and more fanservice The Persona games seem to be unique among the Shin Megami Tensei family for featuring a small degree of fanservice.

These bits of fanservice usually sit out of the way of the normal course of the game (i.e.

P3P does feature a few brand new links, though, and they dovetail nicely with the existing ones.

Rio, for example, is the captain of the tennis/volleyball team (the only female sports teams at the school, apparently) with a longing for one of the male protagonist’s social link friends.

FES let you do this with Yukari and Mitsuru, and their beach outfits remain in this version of the game.

You can also dress up all three in fantasy-style bikini armor, which is prominently featured in Tartarus early on in glowing yellow chests.

And as Igor tells you near the beginning of P3, you, the player character, are 0, “The Fool”, the card that represents infinite possibilities (or something.) If you take a closer look at the tarot, however, you’ll find that The Fool is categorized both as Arcana 0 and Arcana XXII.

Thus, the female protagonist’s XXII hairclip/band thing.

The important point here is that Ken is a little kid.

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