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In 2004, there were 844,100 Singapore residents who were singles, compared to 1,048,100 last year - a jump of almost 25 per cent over 10 years, figures from the Department of Statistics show.

The number of singles also rose across all ages surveyed, but the sharpest spike was in the 50s age group.

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As they get older, more of their friends get hitched and start families. Kang, 40, who has never had a relationship, puts it this way: "As a single, you tend to hang out with singles.

The friends have less time to hang out and have fewer new friends to recommend as possible matches. We tend to get 'more single'." There have always been more women than men in her life.

I'd think, maybe another girl would be better," he says, which would spur him to get on the dating treadmill again.

Having given up on dating apps, he says he still wants to find a wife who shares his Christian faith. Another common reason that older singletons give about their lack of prospects is their shrinking social circles.

E., 39, has a group of close female friends around her age who are all single.

According to her, they had channelled all their energies into their careers, but very little into finding husbands.Ms Anisa Hassan, managing director of It's Just Lunch Asia, which matchmakes professionals over a meal, says: "In the past, people who were married before might have felt that the best years are behind them.Now, more divorced persons have come forward." In 2004, when the company started, 20 per cent of its clients were divorced or widowed."We spent the previous decade telling ourselves that we're happy as we are, and if it happens, it happens," she says.Three years ago, hoping to get over an unrequited crush, she took matters into her own hands and joined the Ok Cupid dating website. Three years later, she has gone on dates with men in their 30s, 40s and 50s, but has remained single. Ms Yeo is part of Singapore's swelling ranks of "singles" - a term used by statistics gatherers to define someone who has never married - who are aged 35 and older.Sometimes I would meet someone who I may not have had any connection with.


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