Dating spanish woman

Said this, it's true girls here look on average better than in other places, but not that much than in other countries. Most of girls here have their hair brown, and blondes are not unusual either.About what Spanish men do like or consider beautiful... Most of people here do care about mind, but at the same time we have our appearance preferences.Also to pin point this analogy; what do Spanish men consider beautiful (do they judge both mind and body)I'm from Spain.

Obviously not enough time to really familiarize myself with the culture, but time enough to make a few surface generalizations.

I traveled throughout the country, beginning in Barcelona, to San Sebastian, then going south to Madrid, Granada, and finally Tarifa.

I personally found Spanish women to be MUCH more European.

Meaning, they might dress somewhat fashionable compared to their American cousins across the Atlantic.

They also vary in appearance according to region, as the general Spanish public does: the Basques tend to be as light-skinned as the Brits, while Andalucia could be southern Italy.

This reflects the differing genetic heritage throughout Spain.By your description you probably have exotic rasgs, so don't worry because you won't lack oportunities to find a love here And if you are a smart girl that improves your chances a lot.Being a Spanish female who's lived in several other places, my experience has been that Spanish females do take much care of their appearance, which includes both proper nutrition and nice clothing and hairdo.That seems to be an American stereotype, and it's more towards the Latinas from Latin America who are in the United States. These are the heart of the nations who always excel in International Beauty contests, etc.While Spain is the motherland of Latin American....Exceptions would be the owner of my pension in San Sebastian, who strangely was fascinated with me and couldn't stop talking to me, and a kid from Jaen I met on the Granada - Algeciras train, who ended up saying I was welcome at his home in Jaen (I've read that Andalucians tend to be more gregarious). I'm sorry if my questions seem silly but I'm really interested in moving to Spain in the future and I'm trying to gather as much information as i can.


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