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Following on the heels of Robert's powerful 'Soul Connections' online workshop comes the next step in cultivating intimacy with yourself and others in your life!

This is an online event not to be missed, especially if you're: Join Robert for this groundbreaking follow-up as he ventures further into the heart of a new intimacy paradigm that asks you forge 'soul connections' with others as part of your evolutionary purpose in this life.

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The key is to hint that those feelings exist, but not allow it to develop beyond a certain point.

Just the right amount of tension keeps it interesting, too little is boring and too much for too long gives the viewers emotional blue balls.

Back by overwhelming demand, Soul Connections II is now available to the general public for download.

This event aired live on May 20th, 2010 - 6pm PST/9pm EST and has been recorded in MP3 format so you can listen at your leisure!

It was decidedly more fun when they were throwing veiled flirtations around like hormone soaked confetti and neither of their intentions were particularly clear or defined.

The same is true of "Bones" and "Psych." Both shows kept their love interests from interacting for as long as the story would allow, stretching the circumstances and logic for keeping them apart far past the point of believability.Customer will receive a total of 3 emails after purchasing downloads.The first email will confirm purchase and will include a reminder of the deadline for downloading these files.I think the answer for why so many are unsuccessful is probably the same reason why strip clubs can continue to turn a profit. The anticipation, the build up, the knowledge of what is likely about to be revealed or consummated often causes our blood pressure to rise more dramatically than the moment where we finally get what we want.Reality, as a rule of thumb, tends to be much less impressive than what our imaginations promise.You'll discover the role intuition plays in our dating and relating, and what it really takes to love unconditionally and support the soul contracts you've made with others.


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