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Full-Time student Sarah Press knew there had to be a better way to leverage the social habits of her tech-savvy peers and improve the experience of online dating.

The idea, the pair explained, is to make the process as personal as offline dating but more efficient.

"Online dating can be highly effective, especially for niche sites like ours," Talati said.

"We like a sleek design with functional frills," Phua explained.

But perfecting the platform is only half the equation.

"Students and alumni exploring entrepreneurship often begin by identifying markets that are poorly served or underserved," explained Tebbe, a Polsky Center entrepreneur-in-residence.

"Thanks to the relatively low barrier to entry, the online dating market allows new ventures to address lackluster customer experiences with innovative solutions and approaches." Catch22Dating, founded in 2011 by Ruchi Talati, '11, and Jennifer Parkes, '11, hopes to cut through the clutter by serving an elite market - alumni of top-tier colleges and universities.

"Catch22's strategy of connecting like-minded individuals in a safe environment addresses a real need for our busy members," Parkes said.

As a recent graduate, Joseph Phua, '13, saw entrepreneurship as a chance to fix a problem.

Four Booth start-ups are seeking their sweet spots in the mix.

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