For the purpose of applicable data protection legislation in the European Economic Area (“EEA”), the data controllers of the Services are the Meetic Group companies, including Meetic SAS (postal address: CS 10002 – 75320 PARIS cedex 09, France).

In this case, we will not send these partners any information that would allow them to identify you.

We may also share information related to your location with partners selected to allow them to target their announcements (by age category, gender, etc.) if the Member has activated this feature.

The data provided during your registration as well as the data you provide voluntarily within the framework of the profile (e.g.

date of birth, nationality, ethnic origin, style of dress, education/degree, lifestyle, taste in music, film taste, pets, religion and income) is used to present you with matching profiles of members, as well as a personalised advert or special offers or services through the Services.

To achieve a higher degree of protection of your personal data outside the scope of the Meetic Group’s control, we suggest you employ software devices for the protection of data transmission networks (such as updated antivirus systems, firewalls and antispam filters).

Online payments are secured through the https protocol to assure that your data is encrypted upon being transmitted to the bank and processed by the bank.If we do not collect this data directly from you, we will inform you that this is the case.The same is also valid for cookies, usage of which is described in our Cookie Policy.We will only collect your personal data, process or use it, if and insofar as this is necessary for the fulfilment and improvement of the Services, you have given your consent for this or have not objected to this, or this is required or permitted on the basis of law or other legislation.Typically, we will only collect this data from you, and we will tell you why we are doing this.In addition, this information may be broadcasted directly by us via the Services or via our partners to persons interested in the Services, through newsletters or third-party websites, or by all other electronic (email, text messaging, etc.) or audiovisual (radio, television, etc.) communication tools, or by written press (newspapers, magazines, etc.), in order to increase your chances of meeting someone by promoting your person ads, search criteria and profile.

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