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They mean this by way of introducing, which looks like a red-and-white feather boa and lives around deep-sea hydrothermal vents.The Pompeii worm made me think of an old poem about the sinking of the and about the cold ocean currents flooding its fiery boilers: “Steel chambers late the pyres / Of her salamandrine fires / Cold currents thrid, and turn to rhythmic tidal lyres.” The author, Thomas Hardy, had no idea that hydrothermal vents could superheat the bottom of the ocean.

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One problem with a lot of writing about the natural world is that it’s all plotline, and the plotline is depressingly familiar: The world is a mess, it’s getting messier by the minute, and in the end, or probably sooner, everybody dies. Seeing or reading about such creatures as they go about their natural lives has a way of eliciting strong feelings, bordering on awe.

Palumbi, a biologist and director of the Hopkins Marine Station at Stanford University, “until you care about the characters? Palumbi, a science writer, came up with the idea for their new book , a tour of “the fastest, the deepest, the coldest, and the hottest” creatures in the oceans, minus “the sensational fearmongering of ‘Shark Week.’ ” The result is a giddy scientific tour of weird underwater life, or what the elder Palumbi calls “a collection of guiltless wonder about amazing things going on in the oceans, things that are mostly secrets, except to marine biologists.” For instance, the authors point out that some Antarctic fish can die of heat stroke at 43 degrees Fahrenheit. These bizarre creatures, five inches in length, somehow live with their hind ends tucked into burrows where the temperature can surge to 200 degrees, while their heads “may as well be on another planet,” in icy 40 degree currents.

Radioactive carbon-14, which had existed only in trace amounts until then, drifted far beyond the test site, and recently, it dawned on researchers that this carbon-14 is useful as a biological marker: If a fish was born before 1954, a bone in its ear called the otolith is free of carbon-14; if born after that date, carbon-14 is present.

Once they knew that, researchers were able to determine that fish commonly found in supermarkets labeled “Pacific red snapper” can be 100 years old.

One way creatures in the deepest parts of the ocean endure the “enormous, crushing hydrostatic pressure from all the water above them,” says Tony Palumbi, is with gigantism, becoming “movie-monster variants” of familiar species.

He describes the giant isopod, as “a bloodcurdling beast from a sci-fi movie: a pill bug the size of a small dog, scuttling across the blackened sea floor devouring the dead.” This is, he admits, just another way of saying that it is a docile scavenger.

However, most of the data (8 out of 10 corals) yield R between 400 and 600 yrs similar to previously reported pre-anthropogenic R values.

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Likewise, discoveries beginning in the 1990s that freshly killed bowhead whales had 19th-century spear points made of ivory, slate, or jade embedded in their flesh led scientists to recognize that these animals may be as much as 200 years old.


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