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It’s official: there are now more essential comedy podcasts than there are hours in the day. It would be an impossible, Icarus-like ambition to listen to them all and still function as a human adult person.

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No matter which comedic style you’d prefer, there’s an embarrassment of riches out there, waiting to be devoured for free.

Unfortunately, there’s also an embarrassment of garbage.

Finally, there’s a listing of notable other podcasts that I didn’t have a chance to do full-on reviews for, but are still worth checking out.

It should be noted that where a podcast falls in this list isn’t necessarily indicative of its quality; there are podcasts in the final list that are better than some of those from the original guide. Nerdist Host: Chris Hardwick, with Matt Mira and Jonah Ray Podcastin’ since: February 2010 How often: Weekly Format: Funny people hanging out, tagging each others jokes, and talking with guests Recurring features: Lengthy, loose, interviews Typical guests: Eugene Mirman, Mythbusters, Alison Brie Has Jon Hamm been a guest?

Yes What’s different about this one: Because it’s called Nerdist, conversations will frequently delve into Second Life, 4G networks, Winger, and Dr. You can catch them at Largo in LA or Comix in NY For Fans of: Esoteric things, the lives of comedians, old-timey voices, snappy banter The Verdict: Highly recommended.

Even though Chris Hardwick is an in-demand multi-hyphenate whose career has been steadily rising, he considers himself a nerd for good reason.People tend to say things to Marc Maron for some reason that they might not say elsewhere.And despite everything stated in this description so far, WTF is actually really funny, too. Tompkins Podcastin’ since: July 2010 How often: Monthly Format: Well-structured blend of extended riff suites, sketches, and “award-worthy” character scenes Recurring features: A series of phone calls mockumenting a secret project between Andrew Lloyd Weber, Ice-T, and John C.Marc Maron has a reputation for filling a room with tension when doing a set, and that strategically tactless approach is put to ballsy use in these recordings.You can pretty much hear the air being sucked out of the room when Marc asks Dane Cook about why Dane seems like such an asshole all the time.If you only listen to one comedy podcast, this should probably be the one. Reilly—all of whom are voiced by Tompkins; a real phone call to comedian Jen Kirkman Typical guests: Jen Kirkman Has Jon Hamm been a guest?

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