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And hence, the innumerable trips to Navakarnataka in Majestic.I still remember that colourful Russian alphabet (after the English version) and pictures.Tagging along with them to the stadium and watching those Hyderabad vs Karnataka, or Tamil Nadu vs Karnataka Ranji matches at the Chinnaswamy.

“You only”, “then only”, “giveaa”, “yessaaa” were often corrected at home by mom, grandparents, aunts and uncles, but we didn’t let go. Our notebooks were full of those shavings, our bags were full of that. Showing off collectibles was our greatest source of entertainment those days.

So, classmates would flaunt a new pencil box, mostly of that magnet variety, which only some would have, a new sketch-pen. But, collecting stamps was an all-consuming madness.

Another one where we were told by an aunt that we’d get a piece of the home-made sweet, if Ravi Shastri hit a six, which he never did!

(think it was India vs New Zealand at the Chinnaswamy). And from there, it was the beginning of the end of the simple, carefree life.

Rajiv Gandhi was is no more too (you never gave us that weaver bird nest!

) The world had changed and the children of the Eighties had grown up.

So, if that was about collecting stuff, other memories abound. Panna was a strange game, where we would have to take a bet with someone, and every time we’d meet that person, we would hit that person hard and shout ‘panna’. We’d form our teams and play the game by slamming the book on and off! The game would go on even during a class, and was a nuisance to our teachers! Being lulled into sleep, even as .” Going to the post-office was another important errand.

Whoever said ‘panna’ first would be the winner for that particular time we met. If T-20 is the flavour of the season now, our favourite was a very innovative form of cricket. We had to get postage stamps worth some rupees for grandfather every now and then.

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