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This story is about six friends who help an English filmmaker create a documentary about Indian freedom struggle.

The quintessential couple, Ragini and Uday, set out to have a dirty weekend at a friend's farmhouse on the outskirts of Mumbai.

The weekend getaway quickly changes gears as they find themselves in a house that has been rigged with cameras in Bigg Boss style.

The train in the background and the one in which Rani sits is a Sprinter from Netherlands Railway (NS). Paris to Amsterdam by train is a journey in Thalys Hi Speed and not a local sprinter. Dialogues by Anvita Dutt and Kangana Ranaut are very good.

See more » This film is a good example of Director's clarity of mind regarding characterization, mood of scenes and way of approach. In spite of very thin story line he projected this movie in a very unique, interesting and entertaining way. Even very average scenes are so good just because of expression and the way of taking the scene i.e When Rani goes on stage for dance, she copies other dancers and removes her sweater, rolls it like them but in spite of throwing it like them she keeps it in her bag.

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