Dwight ney dating

He also says Clark likes to eat toilet paper which Clark denies towards the cameras.Clark is later seen making coffee in the kitchen and warding off Darryl who is begging him to teach him Powerpoint.

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Andy hears of this but however is just as gullible and believes Erin really is getting considered for the job.

Pete however, concerned for Erin's safety, tells Andy what is really going on.

Jan agrees to buy from Dwight if she can keep Clark as her "secretary".

Upon leaving she asks Clark if he has "a valid passport" (The Whale). He was hired back at some point and returns to his desk in the annex.

When the acappella group begin to sing for the office staff in the conference room, Clark falsely flatters them and is later seen dancing to their music.

He tells the cameras in an interview that he doesn't believe he is "overdoing it" (Here Comes Treble (Episode).

He later enters the office with Pete and upon the discussion of a memo with him, realizes that Erin is gullible and could easily be taken advantage of.

He devises a plan to pretend to interview her for a newscasters job at his apartment and convinces her to dress in revealing clothing.

Andy and Pete go with Erin to Clark's apartment much to Clark's annoyance and disappointment.

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