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I have had three babies, and I am pregnant with number 4.With all of my babies including this one, they changed my due date after the first ultrasound.If you think that you are farther along than they say, just assume the baby will be here earlier then you think.frist off let me tell you just cause you had sex dosen't mean you conceived that night remember sperm can live 72 hours in your body so thats one reason the doctors give a close due date must aren't born on there due dates you can go into laber two weeks before your due date or two weeks after god is the only one that knows when your baby will be here dont rush it injoy it. Based on this along with the forty weeks I should expect my due date to be November 7, but they insist that it's December 3rd based on the measurements of the ultrasound. I previously have had two c-sections so I can't just sit and wait to deliver vaginally bc that could be a fatal situation for me and my baby.

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And this one I am pregnant with now I have been give several dates but this baby is supposed to be due 03/09/16 but my pregnancy weeks are not matching up with my due date. Hi...i went to ultrasound yesterday, the doc said i am 16 weeks and 5 days & i was like what! They are the best educated guess the Dr can come up with and usually pretty accurate.

With all 6 of my pregnancies, only one due date was changed after the first ultrasound as that baby continually measured 2 weeks big.

The concern is that I am absolutely sure of my LMP dates as I was charting.

Also, we used an ovulation kit so I know I ovulated about 14-15 days after start of LMP.

I keep telling them I'm two weeks further along than they tell me. My last period date doesn't tell them exactly when I ovulated. I didn't have sex after January started yet the doctors say I'm 14 weeks and the baby is measuring 14 weeks. I wish they would actually listen and understand that I know when I conceive this baby. So yes, I think an ultrasound could be wrong although probably not often.

I believe and ultrasound can be wrong because with my first child the ultrasound gave a date of 06/01/06, my baby came 05/19/06. because i remember i got period on may 6 and no period on june 6 which its on way baby right? I do not believe ultrasounds are an exact date either.Also keep in mind that the amount of amniotic fluid you have will make a difference in the measurement.With one pregnancy I had way too much water and measured 52 inches around when I delivered 2 weeks early. I'm naturally small built so that measurement wasn't due to my weight.I am wondering what other reasons there could be for such a difference in dates between LMP and ultrasound? Hello, It is not uncommon for pregnancy dating by ultrasound (U/S) to differ from dating determined by the last menstrual period (LMP). I am healthy and this would be my first time being pregnant. Suzie I have an issue/question with your advice to adgal.The earlier the u/s the more accurate it is in determining the age of the pregnancy. The LMP measures that I should be 7-8 weeks, but I am irregular. Last Friday I went to an ultrasound, was supposed to be 13 weeks, but found out I had miscarried and the baby measured 9 weeks.I went to my first prenatal visit, and I would have been 15 weeks based on my LMP.


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