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There will be drama in the stands when the Los Angeles Dodgers play the Mets in a weekend series that starts on Friday. WAGs) of the players not only come to the games regularly, but they all sit together and root for the team collectively,” says one source close to the Dodgers’ WAG consortium.

“He always says I’m the reality star and he plays baseball,” Lozada revealed to E!

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Our insider says that there’s gossip in the locker room that Lozada should be “standing by (Crawford’s) side and lending support, especially while he’s going through a tough time in the league.” This isn’t the first time Lozada’s been accused of gold-diggery.

Before hooking up with Crawford, she was in a 10-year relationship with basketball star Antoine Walker, which earned her a spot on the VH1 reality show “Basketball Wives.” Walker, who made $108 million during his 12-year NBA career, filed for bankruptcy in 2010 and blamed part of his hardship on Lozada.

There is one thing, however, that loyal viewers may not know too much about. I try to respect that.” The MLB stud stays so far away from the press that some fans even wonder if the twosome is still an item.“Because I’m so protective of my family, I think the misconception is that we’re not together. ’ But that’s just me trying to do things differently than before.” One huge difference viewers may soon discover is how the couple handles their future wedding. “We will do it and I probably won’t let the world know when I do it.”And while Lozada’s heart recently broke when doctors revealed her third pregnancy would end up as a miscarriage, the 39-year-old has faith that all things happen for a reason. My fiancé was there…but it’s definitely a loss that you really deal with on your own because nobody can really relate to the loss and pain you are dealing with,” she shared.

As it turns out, her relationship with fiancé and Los Angeles Dodgers baseball player Carl Crawford remains far, far away from any camera crew. We don’t post pictures together on Instagram,” Lozada explained. I think that’s one of the biggest misconceptions that people think. While Lozada’s previous wedding to Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson was televised for a VH1 series, the proud mom won’t even consider camera crews on her upcoming special day. “I got comforted knowing that God makes no mistakes.” She added, “I’m open to wanting another child and if it happens, that’s great.

Padres anthem debacle result of 'human error,' concludes MLB We’re also told that it’s not just Dodger wives whose tongues are wagging about Crawford and Lozada’s relationship.

“(Some of) his teammates feel she’s a gold digger after his money,” we’re told.

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The pair got engaged in December 2013 and Lozada gave birth to a son, Carl Leo Crawford Jr., in March 2014.

According to our sources, some of the Dodgers players’ wives are wondering if they’ll finally get a chance to catch-up with Lozada at Citi Field, considering she’s from the Bronx and has family there that may want to go to the ballpark.

When it comes to Evelyn Lozada’s life, it’s safe to describe it as a pretty open book.


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