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Exudate can be distressing for the patient, cause tissue damage and reduce quality of life.

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Sanguinous liquid means red drainage from trauma to a blood vessel that may occur with the cleaning of a wound or excessive movement of the individual with a wound immediately after a wound emerges.

The consistency appears thin and watery with sanguinous fluid.

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Conforms to body contours, good pain relief and controls oedema, Remains permeable allowing exudate to escape and be washed and dried off wound.

They usually look greyish-white or yellowish and are circular or ovoid in shape.

They are sometimes classified into three groups according to size: (1) punctate hard exudates, which often tend to coalesce.The specific types of exudate -- whether they are purulent, seropurulent or sanguinous -- indicates how the wound is progressing and healing.Serous wound drainage looks clear or straw colored.Sanguinous represents an infrequent finding in a wound.Hemorrhaging indicates a leaking blood vessel putting out blood. This situation may constitute an emergency requiring a physician’s assistance to control bleeding if large amounts of blood flow from the wound site.The serous drainage supports the healing process and contains protein, electrolytes, sugar, white cells and some microorganisms.

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