Felicitys garden dating

One night, Fairy Felicity opens her door to find a mysterious invitation from a friendly silver snail.

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I have not spoiled them with an over abundance of water and fertiliser, they have to work to find the water.

The crops may not be as heavy, but it is medal winning quality every year.

Featuring a fairy, a magical moonlit garden and glitter galore, this stunning story is a tactile treat.

It is with much regret that I need to inform my customers that there will be no more olive oil this year in 2016.

For once it was a really warm and occasionally sunny day as staff and volunteers began setting up at 8am.

Stallholders arrived soon after and we were just about ready when the gates opened at 12 noon.There were half-hour sessions of Feldenkrais exercise and Relaxation and Mindfulness in our Dame Geraldine Hall and dance for families outside on the street.The more serious side of the Summer Wellbeing Festival was to launch our new Wellbeing Service, commissioned by Islington Council.The Extra Virgin Olive Oil that we produce at Felicity's Garden is certified Organic with NASAA, License No 6191. Our grove has mainly Western Australian Mission trees, which are the same as grown in New Norcia, with some Frantoio.These varieties are hardy trees and produce an excellent percentage of oil from the fruit.You want the best for them to grow and thrive, but also to provide inbuilt strength to support them when you can't be there with them every day.

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