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This decision to compel these Christian matchmaking websites to contribute and create relationships that contradict religious, biblical ideals and beliefs is reminiscent of what happened to Neil Clark Warren’s Christian dating and marriage service e Harmony.

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The latest example of the erosion of religious liberty comes as a judge recently ruled that the owners of Christian online dating service Christian, Spark Networks Inc., must begin including gay persons as part of their dating pool to pursue same-sex relationships.

Because the dating website didn’t allow new users to specify their search to include a seeker status for gays looking for same-sex relationships, two gay men decided to sue the site’s owner claiming the limited, heterosexual options violated the Unruh Civil Rights Act – a California anti-discrimination law that requires businesses to provide, “full and equal accommodations” to people regardless of their sexual orientation.” As a result, not only will Christian be forced to include and accommodate homosexuals as part of their dating service, Catholic and Adventist Singles, two other Christian-oriented dating sites must also include gays in their relationship-seeking pool of dating hopefuls.

This public relations campaign was clearly and predictably dishonest.

Promoters and supporters of the homosexualized agenda didn’t want social acceptance or tolerance, and they surely didn’t want “equal treatment” or “equal rights.” Gay rights advocates and their rainbow flag/pink equal sign supporters wanted created out of thin air for their benefit (at the expense of everyone else), special considerations, and legal protections.

She didn’t have a nostalgic story of a romantic wedding proposal.

Her family watched the ceremony — held in the backyard of her in-laws’ Mercer Island home — via Skype, laughing because her accent prevented her from perfectly echoing the minister’s vows. citizens are all but guaranteed Legal Permanent Resident status themselves (informally known as a ‘Green Card’) so long as they can convince immigration officers that their marriage is legitimate.“To have to give up your personal life just because you don’t have the papers, even though you have money, knowledge, are willing to pay your taxes and aren’t going to be a burden for the country.” Berlioz, originally from the small archipelago of New Caledonia, and O’Meara, a native Seattleite, met at the Paris Institute of Political Studies in 2011.Scrambling to find a place to stay while in school, O’Meara e-mailed Berlioz, who happened to be looking for an American exchange student to be her short-term roommate. “He was studying international relations and ended up in an international relation,” said Berlioz, giggling at her own joke as O’Meara recited the timeline of their courtship.After spending his year abroad in France, O’Meara invited his girlfriend to follow him to Seattle.Securing a J-1 visa through a marketing internship with the Seattle International Film Festival, Berlioz was legally permitted to stay in America for one full year, and not a day more.It wasn’t too long ago when so-called gay rights advocates began their social and political campaign to normalize homosexuality, they claimed that publicly accepting gay relationships and civil unions – a deliberate and calculated step toward the eventual redefinition of marriage – wouldn’t injure society or interfere with other people’s lives or relationships.


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