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  1. A una semana de haber dejado en libertad en Chibok a 21 niñas de más de 200 secuestradas en 2014, el grupo escindido de ISIS dijo estar dispuesto a negociar la entrega de otro contingente.

  2. "God made racial differences as he made gender differences," said a statement the university posted on its Internet site. Tonight, the school has done the right thing." In a paid advertisement that Bob Jones took out today in USA Today and in South Carolina newspapers, the university said it did not hate Catholics, but asserted that a "wide gulf" existed between Catholic and Protestant beliefs.

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  5. "WLAN System Trends and the Implications for WLAN RFICs." Source: IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium, RFIC, Digest of Technical Papers, Digest of Papers - 2004 IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFIC) Symposium. Buddhikot, "DIMSUMNet: New Directions in Wireless Networking Using Coordinated Dynamic Spectrum Access", IEEE Computer Society, 2005. Kuck, "Platform 2015 Software: Enabling Innovation in Parallelism for the Next Decade", Intel Magazine, 2004. N=50142, The research forecasts trends in such areas as third-generation mobile networks (CDMA2000, UMTS); alternate wireless technologies (TDD UMTS, Wi Max, Wi-Fi).

  6. And games, man, I have an almost crippling addition to video gaming. I’ve been known to take days off work to play through the latest blockbuster title, and whenever there is a new Halo out, I put my Master Chief suit on and pick it up at the local Gamestop or FYE. What differentiates geeks in dating than anybody else? Where’s the line between telling someone to be themselves and then telling them what to change in order to get a date? There are far too many movies that encourage that kind of behavior.

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